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ALLTEK Welding | Milperra (NSW) project

Alltek Welding was approached by a large multi national company to provide high quality stainless steel cylinders for their propriety water flow meter products, working closely with their production facility in Sydney, Alltek Welding has maintained a strict short lead time for the supply of various sized cylinders with welded flanges.

With continuing contracts to manufacture stainless steel cylinders of varying wall thickness and sizes, Alltek Welding continues to achieve the high quality in workmanship and quick delivery that this company has come to rely on.

An integral part of the supply of these cylinders is the requirement of zero pin holes in all welded connections; this is so the cylinder will not leak under pressure. Quality control is also paramount in the manufacture of these stainless steel cylinders, as Alltek Welding is the first in a series of contractors to work on these cylinders, repairs toward the end of the production can create significant problems.

Thick cylinder being rolled

800mm Diameter x 1030 long x 6mm thick cylinder being rolled prior to welding of flange

MIG Welding

Cylinder on rotator for MIG welding with GR316 Stainless steel wire

NB cylinders ready for shipment

A small selection of 100m m NBĀ stainless steel cylinders ready for shipment

6mm fillet weld close up

A close up of the 6mm stainless steel fillet weld, the stud in the foreground is M6

Cylinders of various sizes

More cylinders of various sizes ready for shipment
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